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Maggie Gogler is a freelance film producer, production manager and also works with children. She has a passion for Korean and World Cinema, as well as music and arts. Maggie has been interested in cinema since she was 15 and discovered love for Korean films in 2004 when she saw Kim Ki Duk’s The Isle. She supports British and Asian independent film-making and enjoys producing creative and interesting projects. Maggie is the co-founder of View of the Arts and one of the main contributors, and the co-founder, co-owner, and one of the main contributors of View of Korean Cinema.


Sanja Struna is a freelance translator, film journalist, writer, an avid reader and a perpetual dreamer. She loves cinema in general, but fell especially in love with Korean cinema some odd years ago – and never looked back. She now spends a solid portion of the year travelling the world, discovering great new (and old) films at various global (and local) film festivals. Sanja is one of the main contributors and the chief editor of View of the Arts, and the co-founder, co-owner, one of the main contributors and the editor-in-chief of View of Korean Cinema.

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